Product Designer

About Us

If you're sick, nobody really knows what you should to do get healthy. Your doctor gives generic advice and rarely follows up, and you're left to Google and hearsay to figure out the best diet, exercise, and drugs to get better. Today, you have to just try things and see if they work.

Our app lets anyone run experiments on themselves to figure out what actually works. People use us to find the optimal dose of a drug, determine the impact of a habit, or figure out whether a supplement does anything.

The product comes from Zain's own experience caring for his sick mom. Our users' pain points are literally painful: chronic pain, sleep issues, brain fog, flare-ups, and more. We have a chance to use design & engineering to help people going through the toughest moments of their lives.

As we scale, we are building the world's first continuously-learning knowledge base on human health, and unlocking a revolution in precision medicine for everyone on the planet.

Our two founders helped build Forward Health and Clubhouse. We've raised $7m from top investors in Silicon Valley: Khosla Ventures, Bling Capital, South Park Commons, SciFi VC, plus 35 angel investors including the founders of 23andMe, PayPal, Counsyl, Cancer Commons, Opendoor, and more.

We're in an interesting spot. On one hand, we have a huge roster of engaged advisors and a ton of runway. On the other hand, we're pre-product and the team is small. This is a rare opportunity to be on the founding team of a high-growth startup and learn the skills to start your own thing someday.

What You'll Do Here

Great design is mission critical for our company’s success, and you'll be our second design hire. Some things you’ll do:

  • Own design end-to-end, from customer discovery and strategic exploration through shipping and validating our newest features.
  • Set the foundation for our design system, ensuring visual cohesion and engineering efficiency
  • Work with our small founding team to create a product that is simple, usable, delightful, and beautiful
  • You’ll get to wear many hats on a daily basis, including but not limited to: product copywriting, analytics, data visualization, marketing etc. We’re looking for people who can do a little bit of everything.

What We're Looking For

  • You share our mission to fix healthcare and give power back to the patients
  • The slope of your trajectory matters more than your pedigree; e.g. one of our founders is a high school dropout
  • You’re excited to have a front-row seat in a high-growth, early stage company. You understand the unique needs of an early stage startup and the importance of wearing many hats, shipping often and failing fast in order to uncover what works.
  • You’re a strong systems thinker. We’re building a platform to wrangle the complex space of health interventions, measurements, and plans, and we need someone who’s excited about developing strong concepts, ontologies, and information architecture
  • You have 3+ years of experience designing consumer products in a mobile-first and native iOS environment. Even better if it was in consumer health.
  • You can quickly prototype ideas in Figma
  • Bonus: You’re semi-technical and know enough HTML/CSS/JS to be dangerous

Why us?

  • We’re a small team of builders. No bureaucracy or unnecessary meetings, just shipping new product, talking to users, and learning as quickly as we can.
  • We’re a fully distributed workplace with people working from different corners of the world. Working hours? We operate within the Pacific Standard time zone for collaboration.
  • We care deeply about design. We believe that healthcare is a product problem, and building a great consumer experience is crucial to the success of the company.

Please email zain@eurekahealth.com with a link to your online portfolio or PDF with your latest work.